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See WITHOUT Surgery with Corneal Refractive Therapy (Paragon CRT®)



















In the late 1950's, many contact lens specialists noted that a large number of their patients who were fit in hard contact lenses showed a decrease in the magnitude of their prescriptions and seemed to have more stable prescriptions. This led doctors to fit hard lenses to purposely induce this effect and orthokeratology (the grandfather of Paragon CRT®) was born. The idea behind this technology is that a lens (a retainer or reshaper lens) that is slept in changes the shape of the eye (the cornea) and allows the person to see without glasses, daytime contact lens wear or surgery. What's more is this technology is completely reversible, much less risky and expensive than surgery, and if your prescription changes you just get a new retainer lens!


Now, with the advent of space-age polymers, computer-assisted lathes, and technological advancement in the procedure, it is possible to achieve reduction of myopia in a matter of days. Futhermore, studies suggest that unlike laser surgery, Paragon CRT® can provide a certain level of myopia (nearsightedness) progression control in children and adults. Myopia control is used to slow or stop the increase in axial length of the eye that occurs in growing children who are becoming more nearsighted each year. This may result in a lower prescription, so the child won't have to wear the thick lenses he might otherwise require by the time he/she is a teenager.


Since this improvement is temporary, lens wear must be continued on a prescribed wearing schedule (perhaps only two (2) nights a week) in order to maintain the therapeutic effect of the myopia reduction. This flattening is accomplished by shifting the outer layer of the central cornea - the epithelium - more peripherally, thus flattening it. The amount of flattening or shift is approximately 6 microns per diopter of myopia. A micron is one millionth of a meter; a human hair is about 125 microns. There may also be some bending of corneal tissue to achieve flattening. This would be similar to pressing gently on a balloon producing a depressed surface.


Recently, several surgical procedures have been developed to attempt to accomplish the same purpose (i.e., changing the curvature of the cornea). Since the cornea is soft, it can continue to change shape as time goes by. The individual prescription may continue to vary leading to increased dependence upon eyewear within years to just a few months after the surgical procedure. Some surgical procedures (RK, LASIK, PRK) can produce scars causing surface irregularities on the cornea, resulting in permanent blurring that even glasses or contacts cannot eliminate. Surgery is not an option for children or those whose vision is changing. It does not stop or slow the progression of myopia in children or adults.


Conversely, Paragon CRT® is accomplished with a contact lens-like device called a corneal retainer. Since the eye is flattened and retains the flattened contour for a period of time the process is sometimes referred to as corneal molding. The mold is a specially designed corneal retainer lens. It is somewhat larger than a standard lens but not very different in appearance. Comfort is generally excellent. The lens is working as it is worn, whether you are sleeping or awake. The procedure takes just hours (in mild cases) to a few months (in very difficult cases) to reach good functional vision. At that point, the wearing time is gradually reduced until a minimal-wear time is established that maintains the corneal shape and good functional vision. This assures continued clarity without the gradual blurring that may accompany surgery. The cornea can easily be fine-tuned by minor modifications to the retainer mold.


Paragon CRT® is not only an excellent alternative to the wearing of spectacles, but it also frees the individual from the distractions caused by perspiration, dust, wind, weather and temperature. There are no more blind spots caused by frame or lens edges. It is great to wear "regular" fashion sunglasses, to get up at night or in the morning and see, to go swimming and skiing, to drive in a convertible with the top down, to work in the dust, grass or in the garden, and to be able to see at night in cases of emergencies. As you can see, Paragon CRT® just might open new horizons to you.

If this sounds appealing, call Dr. Scheno for a FREE consultation at (516) 409-2020 to see if Paragon CRT® is right for you. Financing is now available through Care Credit. 





Applications can be processed either on our website or in person at our office for no additional fee. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of being glasses free.


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