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Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocals For Presbyopia




Presbyopia, which is the age-related condition that impacts the ability to see clearly up close that occurs around 40 years of age, is a natural and unavoidable change of the eye in which the crystalline lens becomes less flexible and loses its ability to focus on near objects. Why wear bifocals? Multifocal contact lenses offer superior presbyopic vision correction near, far and intermediate thanks to our customized world class lens designs. All of our multifocal contact lenses are designed and FDA approved to provide up to 30 days of exceptionally comfortable daily wear. Dr. Scheno will provide recommendations for a wear schedule that would be best for you. Don’t sacrifice visual acuity, comfort or style. Ask Dr. Scheno which multifocal option is the best for you.


Our unique lens designs are customized medical devices that can free you of the hassle of wearing distance and near vision and potentially avoid progressive eyeglasses or at least provide another visual option for today's active lifestyles and smartphone use even if you have astigmatism, dry eye or were told that you could not wear contacts. It is the actual design within the lens itself that provides for excellent visual outcomes near, far and virtually everywhere in-between. All you have to do is ask Dr. Scheno for the multifocal contact lens option that is best for you.


Come in today for your FREE consultation and FREE trial pair of mutifocal lenses to see how they could change your life and reduce your dependency of eyeglasses forever.

Are you constantly dogged by your reading problems?
Do you hate your reading glasses?
Is the font size on your smartphone 72?
Our new custom designed multifocal contact lenses may just be the way to rid yourself of these readers for good!
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